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Light Of Innocence : A Portrait of Dawn and Greg

>> Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dawn and Gregg: The way I remember them.
This started as a demonstration at Blick art supplies in Evanston; the medium is gouache on paper; size is approx. 14" x 18". It's been 32 years since I've seen these two. My mother was their babysitter, along with several other children at the time. She was working on her photography skills and often took photos of the children, at the request of their parents.
Seeing this photo and remembering how brother and sister were so sensitive and caring toward each other at such a tender age, really impressed me as a kid. Ran across it in my file and decided to use it for the demo.
Unfortunately, I misplaced the photo and had to work from a black and white xerox copy and memory. It was completed in my studio a few days later. I found the photo 6 weeks ago; the colors are surprisingly spot on. Will post the drawing later.


Caricatures...Drawn from Life vs Photos _part 04

>> Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aaron's mom loved the results.
Aaron at age 9.

I was drawing caricatures at a small art-fair/ benefit in Skokie and was unable to get to the last sitter. His mom asked me to draw him via emailed photo. I prefer to work from life; but made an exception in this case. It can work to draw lively caricatures from reference if you know the sitter; for me the magic is not just a likeness, but a personality captured from firsthand experience. One day, I may try some really exaggerated caricatures like many of those I admire. Carpe diem...


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