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Traditional Painter with Digital Tools

>> Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recently started using Facebook and decided that using a photo as a profile image was not for me. Thought I'd try something new and create a self-portrait with my graphics-tablet and Photoshop. Although I'm a newbie to computers, I've been building my own PCs for 12 years and have also designed digital graphics and colored comics with software since 2000, this would be my first complete pixel painting.

The background painted from a personal photo.
Tablet drawing with gray fill added.

A line drawing against a light-middle value was drawn on a separate layer. Used the lasso, marquee, and transform/distort along with bristle and texture brushes set to different opacities to block-in the background.

Basic block-in several hours later.
The finish 36+ hrs and 4 days later.

Several brushes and textures were used to block the painting from high to low key values; Some background elements started on separate layers and were merged to fewer layers as quickly as was feasible. The painting process was started without  initial design sketch. I never work free-form for a client, as it is highly time consuming. But, it can also be a breath of fresh air and open up new personal possibilities. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

For me, the digital painting process leans heavily on a lifetime of learning and working with natural media, with a few benefits and drawbacks. Layers can be a time saver or a hindrance. Likewise, the toy box of effects and automated functions designed to give ease and limitless possibilities, can distracting and detracting. I'm not ready to pack up my hairy-sticks and pigments. I am, however, never willing to over-look the best tool for any job from airbrush to ruling pen. It's good to have many options...


Caricatures...Drawn from Life vs Photos _part 03

>> Sunday, April 15, 2012

Student Draws Teacher....Back in the Day.
A Caricature of  one of my favorite teachers at the American Academy of Art, no picture unfortunately. I chose to depict watercolor artist extraordinaire, Michelle Stutts laughing, as she often balanced her instruction with good humor. Although she didn't have time to sit or pose -she was busy teaching art fundamentals, this one is spot on...Michelle must have thought so too since she gave me a good mark. [to be continued.]


Caricatures...Drawn from Life vs Photos _part 02

>> Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Very Casual George Clooney Caricature.
Mr. Clooney At A Celebrity Event.
Capturing a portrait style caricature from George's photo is easier because I've seen some interviews and  behind the scenes footage of him. I like the quirky yet flattering approach, probably due to the influence of the Jack Davis TV Guide caricatures I saw as a kid. [to be continued.]


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