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The Saw That Built America Mural_part 01

>> Sunday, January 1, 2012

These designs were created for Bosch Skil and Dremel, the power tool company. It’s parent company, founded in 1886 by the German engineering genius, Robert Bosch is the world’s largest automotive and industrial technology corporation.
After  a meeting with the head of the engineering department and a tour of the factory and offices, I was given free reign to start work on the designs and develop to the pitch. The visuals were to be largely based on the history of Robert Bosch’s and the well known Skil Power Saw. 
These first two sketches highlight the scope, influence and impact of Mr. Bosch and his inventions. [continued next post.]

Bosch Skil and Dremel Logo ®
Mural Designs ©Tom Hicke.


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