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Postcards from the Past_Part 2

>> Monday, March 18, 2013

In this case a three color palette was used : Vermillion, Viridian, and Ivory Black.
I was working at an art supply store several years ago and started painting 30 minute sketches on my lunch break. Each one was an experiment in style and application, although they all probably have characteristics similar to much of my work.

Most of them were made on Lanaquarelle postcard stock, 140lb weight at  4" x 6". Lana is a superb cotton watercolor paper and highly recommended. The paint was a very good Russian brand in a credit-card sized plastic box with a hinged, snap-closed lid. The main challenge was to paint wet n' wet and from the shoulder in such a small scale. I was going for accurate but loose, with minor distortion for effect. 

It worked out pretty well. Had a lot of fun with them and even gave a few as presents to some good friends. Will post another next time.


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