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Pop the ? "Final Pencils"

>> Monday, February 25, 2013

Many subtle changes in the above refinement: compare to the layout in the previous post.
There is a tendency for line art to become stiff the more its refined. During the transfer process, the smaller page-sized layout is scaled up to the finished art in a 10" x 15" image area [typically ruled on an 11" x 17"  Bristol board.] Keeping layouts simple helps to ensure you're still adding to the drawing and not merely tracing the enlarged panels. Drawing freely from the shoulder as much or even more than the wrist also helps to keep the figures from looking wooden.

At this stage, it was important to consult the reference of the real life couple most carefully. There's no rule of thumb for reference that everyone follows. For myself, knowing when to use it for the best effect or when to avoid it when it's gets in the way of simplicity is key. Regardless, I always have plenty on hand just in case.

Since I would not have time to ink, retouch in Photoshop and gray-scale coloring are the next steps...More about that up next.


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